Get The Social Security Disability Benefits You Deserve

3 reasons Social Security may deny your application

Applying for SSDI benefits is a new experience for many. If you have not gone through the process, a denial after review may come as a crushing blow.

It is relatively common for the Social Security Administration or SSA to issue denials for first-time applicants. However, these reasons are not as complicated to overcome as you may believe. Discover three of the common reasons SSA denies disability payment applications.

1. Your medical record was incomplete

The SSDI application is reasonably comprehensive and requires meticulous completion. One of the critical areas you should concentrate on when completing your package is the medical documentation you provide. SSA reviews your medical record extensively for proof that your medical condition meets the strict requirements for benefits administration. Many first-time applications do not contain sufficient medical records to clear this hurdle.

2. You did not work enough time

You paid into Social Security from the first time you began work. However, you may not have done enough to get the level of benefits you now seek. You may not have worked the requisite number of years, or your job did not withdrawal the benefits. For instance, if you become a contract worker at any point in your career, your employer did not pay social security for you.

3. SSA made a mistake

SSA is not perfect and does make mistakes. If, after review, your application packet should have passed into approval but did not due to a processing error, you have the right to appeal the decision. Prepare the proof of said error before sending in your appeal.

It may feel like the SSDI application process takes forever, especially when you depend on the money to live. It helps to have someone experienced in these matters on your side from the onset.