Get The Social Security Disability Benefits You Deserve

An Attorney To Help Speed Up Your Disability Claim

From gathering all required medical and nonmedical documents to filing the application correctly and following through with the local Social Security Administration (SSA) office, a successful claim takes attention to detail and work.

Whether you are filing your initial application, moving from short-term disability to long-term disability from work or have had your claim denied, having the right lawyer prosecuting your claim is your most important asset. Statistically, the success rate for an initial application or a successful appeal for benefits is significantly lower when the claimant tries to handle everything on their own.

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Why It Is Important To Have A Licensed Attorney Assist You

Because we are a licensed law firm, we can take your claim through the civil court system, if necessary. You get the benefit of attorney assistance throughout your case. Unlicensed Social Security claims services don’t have the full backing of the law to prosecute your claims.

No Upfront Cost — Pay Only A Percentage Of What You Are Already Owed

Many people worry about hiring an attorney to prosecute their claim because of the cost. Here is some surprising news. It will cost you no money up-front to hire a lawyer. By federal law, SSDI claims lawyers may only take their pay as a percentage of “back pay” owed to the claimant and no amount may be paid out of any future monthly checks.

Here is a brief explanation:

  • In order to qualify for benefits, you will have to prove that you have been unable to work at your usual place of employment for 12 months, due to your disability or medical condition.
  • But the amount you are owed for SSDI benefits begins to accumulate from the date of your qualifying disability.
  • Your attorney is only allowed to collect a percentage of the money accumulated in the amount already owed to you. Legal fees will be capped at no more than $7,200, no matter how much back pay you are owed in benefits.

Get The Legal Help You Need

You don’t have to worry about handling the detailed process steps for filing a successful claim. Call J. Michael Matthews, P.A., in Longwood, Florida, for help prosecuting your Social Security Disability claim. Mr. Matthews has been helping individuals in the Orlando metropolitan area for more than 40 years. He is ready to help you claim the benefits you have worked for and deserve.

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