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A Lawyer For Finding Expert Witnesses For SSDI Claims

When it comes to filing a successful application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, your doctor’s diagnosis may not be enough. The Disability Determination Services (DDS) often requires documentation from expert witnesses to testify that the severity of your impairment will not allow you to remain in employment.

If your initial claim has been denied in the Orlando metropolitan area or anywhere in Central Florida, bring your rejection letter to us, J. Michael Matthews, P.A., in Longwood. Mr. Matthews will review the reason for denial and explain the process for obtaining expert medical and vocational documentation you will need for the appeals process.

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Our Reputation With Social Security Disability And Witnesses Precedes Us

Vocational and medical professionals often receive requests for documentation and testimony. Because of Mr. Matthews’ record and reputation for favorable decisions, the professionals know that the request is serious.

It is important to begin the process of gathering medical records and expert documentation to support your case as soon as possible. An appeal with the DDS council may take nine or 10 months. By submitting airtight expert testimony and documentation now, we can often reduce that lengthy wait time.

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