Attorney For Denied Social Security Disability Appeals

If you have received a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) denying your initial disability claim, don’t be discouraged. A very high percentage of initial claims are denied, often on technical issues such as lack of medical documentation or incorrect information.

If you live in the Orlando area, or anywhere in Central Florida, bring your letter to us, J. Michael Matthews, P.A., in Longwood. Handling denied Social Security Disability claims and appeals is a major part of our practice. As a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) lawyer with more than 40 years of experience, Mr. Matthews has helped more than one thousand people successfully appeal their case to the Disability Determination appeals council.

Successful Appeals Start With Proper Testimony And Documentation

Simply resubmitting your application will probably not be enough. We will consult with expert vocational and medical witnesses to obtain the written documentation the board often requires. Before your hearing, we will review the details and help you thoroughly prepare.

We Offer The Option Of Taking Your Appeal To Federal Court

Why is it important to hire a licensed attorney to help you with your SSDI claim? For unlicensed claims services in Florida, preparing your for your hearing is where they have to stop. As a licensed attorney, Mr. Matthews has access to representing your appeal through the federal court system.

You Pay Nothing Unless You Win

Throughout the process, you will pay no money for legal services. We handle your case on a contingency-fee basis. That means we collect only a percentage of any of the benefits the government already owes you, dating back to your date of qualifying disability. We cannot bill you for any money out of any future monthly checks you receive. By federal law, the amount we are allowed to be paid is capped at $6,000. You will NEVER owe us more than the amount of money you are entitled to receive for yourself.

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Don’t worry about your letter of denial. Instead, do something about it. Bring it to us for an honest evaluation of your options for moving forward toward a successful appeal.

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