How Do You Qualify For SSDI?

With the high percentage of initial claims that get rejected, it is a fair question to ask exactly what Social Security Disability qualifications are necessary in order to file a successful claim.

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) will claim that anyone with a qualifying impairment should receive benefits if they meet the other criteria. The truth is, though, meeting the criteria can be quite demanding.

Just Two Criteria — But They Are Difficult To Meet

To qualify for either SSDI or supplemental security income (SSI), it is necessary to meet criteria for medical, as well as nonmedical requirements.

Medical requirements: In order to qualify for benefits, it is of utmost importance to understand everything the SSA will expect in the application. This includes presenting all relevant medical records regarding the condition and symptoms you are experiencing, including:

  • Knowing the types of medical professionals who need to be sought to correctly diagnose ailments
  • Working with professional aid
  • Ensuring all parts of a diagnosis are properly documented

You will be required to demonstrate how your impairment can and will impact the search for employment. Any physical activity affected by your disability or condition will need to be thoroughly documented.

Nonmedical requirements: This requirement often amounts to the earnings you have had over a long enough period of time and how much you have paid into the SSDI program. If you are still able to work somewhere and earn $1,000 or more per month, for example, you may be rejected because you are able to work through your disability.

Misunderstanding the need for detailed medical and nonmedical documentation is one of the main reasons so many applicants have their initial claim denied.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Qualifications

For SSI benefits, there is an income threshold. Just about anything can be considered income and/or assets, so it may be difficult to obtain benefits depending on circumstances.

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